MSA SmartCheck

MSA SmartCheck


The fully automated SmartCheck performs a full range of tests for full face masks, respirators and chemical protective suits. The SmartCheck can test devices according to the manufacturer's specifications and records the test results.



The test results are compared with an up-to-date database and saved for documentation purposes. Results can be produced continuously. The integrated computer system - with touchscreen and TecBOS.Tech software with Wizard - ensures intuitive operation and support during use.

  • Ergonomic design - all functional parts are easily accessible. The test head is positioned for easy connection to the mask and demand valve.
  • Fully automatic testing - test steps and parameters are fully customizable and operator can intervene at any time. No need to always be present during testing.
  • Customized test bench - modular in terms of hardware and software with upgradeability - for a wide range of test applications. An upgrade to individual needs is possible at any time.
  • Newly designed artificial lung - pre-configured to meet manufacturer's requirements and legislation with predefined test procedures. Test procedures can be easily adapted to accommodate future changes in international standards.
  • Touchscreen - intuitive operation - no external keyboard or mouse to control the software.
  • Integrated computer - less space required in the maintenance shop. Industrial PC that is more robust than standard office PC.
  • Intelligent assistance - a wizard, the Smart Assistant, ensures simple and intuitive operation. The user is guided through each testing process.
  • Online support - additional value is provided by software updates via the Internet and online service support, minimizing technician visits.