task force is like a well-rehearsed orchestra. All members play their part for optimal efficiency and performance. This is also the inspiration for the new G1 SCBA. All components are tightly integrated into a holistic system


A response team is like a well-coordinated orchestra. All members play their part for optimum efficiency and performance. That is also the inspiration behind the new G1 SCBA. All components are tightly integrated into one holistic system for maximum reliability and increased capacity. The G1 is specifically designed for the challenges first responders face. Also available with an integrated thermal imaging camera!
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The MSA G1 Integrated System

Optional Head-Up Display

  • LEDs, in the lung demand valve, indicate pressure, system and alarm status unobtrusively and without interruption of work
  • Signals travel via the line to the lung demand valve and further via light tubes to the inside of the mask
  • There are no expensive electronics in the mask, which reduces the price and makes cleaning easier
  • The entire team has access to top-class technology, while each firefighter has their own mask for hygienic reasons.

Advanced harness

  • Soft padding
  • Extremely robust outer shell that can withstand repeated exposure to flame and heat (NFPA approved)</li >
  • Robust Cast steel adjustment buckles
  • Pipe protection tunnels with reflective features
  • Integrated standby support for regulators

Control module

  • Combined digital and analog pressure reading
  • Intuitive interface shows essential information by default allowing the user to focus on their task
  • Other data available after pressing one button

Flat profile facemask

  • Open port technology for free breathing when in standby (lung valve not connected)
  • Huge field of view for unobstructed view
  • Flat profile with fewer protrusions and improved weight distribution
  • Minimum costs for individual mask and maintenance due to independence of electronic options
  • All components easily accessible and interchangeable for easy maintenance and cleaning 
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Choice of classic rubber Ren or modern netspin band

Optional voice projection speaker

  • Integrated microphone picks up voice in mask independent of environmental conditions
  • High volume and intelligibility
  • Improves team and training communication

Central processing module

  • Centrally processes all data on the SCBA: motion detection, data distribution to HUD, control module , speaker
  • Piezo alarms sound in all directions
  • Built-in RFID reader to login with personal tag, team assignment or pairing information

Eén power supply

  • All components powered by one power supply
  • Simplified battery monitoring and exchange
  • Increased system reliability

Long Range Radio

  • Best telemetry in the industry with proven reputation
  • Slightly burdensome monitoring with a high degree of accountability
  • Works with alphaBASE and alphaCONTROL 2

Advanced hipbelt features

  • Rotatable, follows body movement
  • Easy and firm height adjustment to adapt to different torso lengths

Buddy breather 2nd connection

  • Connection for other firefighter in emergency situations
  • Y-piece connector for supplying air without the air supply from the receiver can be interrupted
  • Easy connection to air line system
  • 1.2 m medium pressure line in pocket on hip

Optional alphaCLICK High Quick connection pressure

  • Save 90% time required to replace cylinder
  • Built-in flow restrictor prevents uncontrolled outflow in case of valve failure

Optional QuickFill connection

  • Direct high pressure connection for fast cylinder refill with harness on