MSA gas filter 90 K

MSA gas filter 90 K

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MSA respiratory filters protect against a wide range of harmful substances and gases which, when inhaled, can be hazardous to health. The MSA gas filter 90 K protects against ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.


Terms of use
The legal regulations, the (binding) regulations of industry associations, and the regulations that manufacturers or suppliers of products for which respirators are supposed to provide protection, must always be observed. followed. If in doubt, always consult an expert first.

To be able to work with respiratory filters, the following conditions must in any case be met:

  • Type, properties, composition and concentration of the hazardous substance(s) must be known, so that it can be verified whether the use of filters is permitted, and if so, which filter type and which filter class must be used
  • The oxygen concentration present must be at least 19.5 vol.%. In poorly ventilated areas, the minimum concentration of oxygen must be at least 20 vol.%.
  • When using gas filters, no harmful particles should be present.
  • In case of doubt, always use a suitable combination filter must be used.
  • If one of these conditions is not met or cannot be met, always use a respiratory protective device that works independently of the ambient atmosphere, such as, for example, a breathing apparatus or airline system.< /li>
  • Protection against toxic gases and vapors
  • Gas filter classes 1 or 2