MSA Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

The most important factors when choosing hearing protection are the conditions it has to meet and how comfortable it is to wear. Ear muffs or ear plugs in a noisy environment are always necessary, whether someone is present there for only a few minutes or for hours.

MSA Safety has a wide range of hearing protection for various purposes, so the right hearing protection for your work is always available. The range includes earplugs, ear muffs, with radio or without radio. Thanks to the left/RIGHT system of MSA ear muffs, these are also very comfortable hearing protectors.

The left/RIGHT hearing protectors differ from all existing hearing protectors. Individual ear muffs, specially designed for the left and right ear, take into account an asymmetric position of the ears on the head.

The revolutionary headband and the thinner and more flexible hearing protectors ensure an optimum fit for wearing comfort. Larger shells provide more room for the ear and guarantee the right protection for all shapes and sizes of ears.

What is unique in the market is that left/RIGHT takes the individual anatomical differences of the users into account.

The left/RIGHT concept offers various options depending on the application and individual preferences. All options can be combined: low, medium or high attenuation; headband or helmet design; yellow, blue, white or grey. The right protection for the right purpose.